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  About Us / Profile
DS Trading Co. - About Us / Profile

DS Trading Co. is a private owned company which was founded in 1993 by Danny Hendrawinata Effendy, operated by 21 persons of dedicated employees. We started the business as a trading company for several Foreign Investment Companies in Indonesia and  a Mining company supplier in year 2001.


Our Motto:

Your Success is Our Success, we can't spell S"u"ccess without "U"


Our main business are:

  • Main supplier for several major mining companies in Indonesia since 2003
  • General Manufacturing and export to USA, Europe and Australia
  • Footwear, garment and it's related things manufacturing and trading for USA, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand market since 1989
  • Road contractor for local government projects, such as building roads in Pasuruan, Leces and Probolinggo (cities in East Java)
  • Involved in many private and government projects since 1997, including supply uniforms, shoes, and other military stuffs for Indonesian army and navy since 1998.


Our other business are:

  • Manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of wooden furniture, wooden floor since 1994
  • Importer of electric appliances, electronics and toolings since 2001


What do we supply?

  • Safety Equipments: helmets, gloves, shoes, uniforms, glass, masks, according to int'l safety standard.
  • Hidraulic Engines, Machineries Actuators and Spareparts: Parker, Caterpillar, Enerpac, etc.
  • Tools: cutting tools, machine tools and accessories, material handling and equipments, electric and pneumatic power tools, analog and digital measuring tools.
  • Transportation and it's spareparts: Toyota Landcruiser, Ford Ranger, Toyota Kijang, Toyota Dyna, Light Trucks, medium / large passenger buses and manhauls based on OEM. DS Trading Co. has been suplying staff transportation units for mining companies, we have ability to modify vehicles to 4 x 4 comply with mining safety regulation. Manufacturing of the manhaul will also comply to The Australian Vehicle Safety Standard.
  • Heavy duty equipments, earth moving under carriage and spareparts:

    We have several join companies in managing construction and civil engineering projects in many areas surrounding Indonesia, like:

    • Road construction in Pasuruan, Leces and Probolinggo (East Java Local Government Project in 1997)
    • Workers, Staffs and Expatriates housing in Kuala Kencana Industrial Park, Timika (West Papua / East Indonesia) in 2005
    • Low Raise apartement housing in Kuala Kencana Industrial Park, Timika in 2006
    • Office building and warehouse in Kuala Kencana Industrial Park, Timika in 2006
    • Office and workshop building in Sangatta, Kalimantan in 2008

    We have ability to comply with modern building material requirements and we work under strict safety procedures, when required, we can do NDT (Non Destructive Test) for the whole weld working. We offer full range of fully tested materials to combine technical, engineering insights, pratical skills, and modern quality buildings:

    • Construction Buildings
    • Porta Camps (Fully knockdown or container based porta camps), our company can manufacture office, accomodation, ablution unit, kitchen, storage which can be done by full knockdown system or based on container, we can supply fully furnished porta camps including office furnitures, exclusive bed sets for executives, or bunk beds for staffs with air conditioner. We can offer ablution unit with western, asian style toilets and moslems urinoir units. All porta camps are equipped with the electric installation for lamps, power source cable, telephone line, power outlets, and data cable.
  • Workshop equipments and facilities: we have the knowledge, capability dan facility to build workshop based on customer's requirements.
  • Chemicals: industrial degreasers, industrial hand cleaners, fuel additives, lubrication products, anti seize, dielectric type of greases.
  • Welding equipments and generators: welding kit, welding rod, gouging from any type, tips oxy/acy, nozzles and hoses. We have facility to build new generator to suit office, warehouse, and mobile working facilities that needs mobile electric source upto 50KW.


In order to comply with high quality standard, all our products are completely checked by our QC team and we always follow international standard quality or any other required / safety standard.



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